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Briquette Machine

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Briquetting plant is the equipment to press powdery materials into balls. Briquetting equipment is widely used, and it can be used for aluminum, activated carbon, charcoal, clay, coke, coal, cryolite, fertilizer, plastic, limestone and other materials for balling, pelletizing or balling.

The Briquetting plant is mainly used for coal powder molding, dry powder molding, desulfurization gypsum molding, coke molding, iron scrap, and various metal ore powder molding. Fote briquetting plant is classified into coal briquetting plant, charcoal briquetting plant, fluorite powder briquetting plant, mineral powder briquetting plant, etc. Customers can choose the most suitable one according to actual demand.

Briquetting plant is usually composed of feeder, crusher, biaxial horizontal mixer, briquette machine, vertical dryer, belt conveyor, central electronic control equipment, etc.

The complete briquette production line is mainly used for pressing coal, charcoal, coke, mineral powder, etc. The final briquettes can be transformed into different shapes like oval shape, pillow shape, egg shape, etc. It's usually used to press coal or charcoal dust, also named coal briquetting plant. Fote can customize the complete briquette production line according to customer's raw materials, production capacity, etc.

Conveyor in the production line plays a transfer, transport role. The normal operation of the conveyor is very important. Remember to adjust the conveyor so that the equipment can run normally in the subsequent production. Do a good job of periodic maintenance of the conveyor.

The mixer is a kind of necessary equipment for mixing and homogenizing materials with the binder or other additives. Attention should be paid to the proportion of materials and additives in the use process. If water is added, the degree of wetness and dryness is appropriate after the hand can be grasped, which can be mastered by oneself in production.

The magnet must be installed before the briquetting plant belt machine to avoid damage to the ball press equipment.

As the core equipment of briquetting plant, the briquetting machine is crucial to the whole production line. The following paragraph mainly describes the types of briquetting machines and their main usages:

Coal Briquetting Machine

Coal briquetting machine is mainly used in processing coal powder into balls. The materials can be directly put into the furnace for smelting, so as to increase the extra value.

Dry Powder Briquetting Machine

Dry powder briquetting machine is mainly used for pressing materials without water into bricks, such as lime powder, magnesium oxide powder, copper powder, chromium powder, zinc scrap, bauxite, non-ferrous metal powder, refractory material, ceramic material and so on. The powder material will be made into high capacity ball eggs through high pressure.

Mineral Powder Briquette Machine

Mineral powder briquette machine is mainly used for ball making of non-ferrous and ferrous metal mineral powder, and the materials can be directly put into the furnace for smelting, so as to increase the added value. For example, dust, sludge, oxide skin, slag, iron powder, aluminum ash, silicon manganese ore, etc.

Desulfurization Gypsum Briquette Machine

Desulfurization gypsum briquette machine can press desulfurization gypsum powder into balls at one time, which has high yield and high ball forming rate. The equipment can press desulfurized gypsum powder into balls at one time without adding any adhesive, and the briquetting rate is above 90%. The finished balls have strong hardness, which is not easy to be broken during transportation, and the finished product is used as cement retarder in a cement plant to take place of natural gypsum.

Strong Pressure Briquetting Machine

Strong pressure briquetting machine is mainly used for the cold pressing pellet of refractory material, coal powder, coal slime, middling coal, coke powder, coke coal, and metallurgical powder materials.

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