Malaysia Hobby Expo 2016

   2016-06-02 147
展会日期 2022-07-14 至 2024-07-31   状态
展出城市 Sepang
展出地址 MAEPS Secretariat Building, MARDI Headquarters, 43400 Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia.
展馆名称 Malaysia Agro Exposition Park
主办单位 Malaysia Hobby Expo 2016 Secretariat

The Malaysia Hobby Expo 2016 is Malaysia’s biggest hobby expo ever held in Malaysia. Taking inspiration from internationally lead exhibitions, we have endeavoured to secure the best possible and most suitable venue here in the Malaysia to host our own much needed trade and public hobby exhibition.

The MAEPS is one of the Malaysia’s biggest and most respected exhibition venues and offers the space and amenities needed to bring together industry manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, distributors and hobby group. Build new relationships with industry key players, explore the newest and most sought after manufacturers and products and build brand recognition at an event entirely targeted towards hobby vendors and consumers.

We have structured the event to accommodate not only the biggest industry leaders but small to medium sized businesses that wish to build brand recognition, meet new trade contacts within the industry and advertise themselves in a cost effective way.

Malaysia Hobby Expo offers you, the Exhibitor, the opportunity to interact with Trade Buyers and to show off your range of products, beautifully displayed. It is also a unique opportunity to get in touch with consumers, the ultimate buyers of your products, and to establish their needs, buying patterns and preferences, and to build relationships with them.

Exhibiting with us can generate sales leads, achieve direct sales and build brand awareness, but exhibitions provide more than sales and marketing opportunities. They bring together thousands of people who are involved in your business in some way, including suppliers, media, purchase influencers, and consultants.

We have a variety of different sized exhibition spaces and sponsorship packages to suit every vendor’s needs.

By exhibiting your brand and business with us you have the opportunity to:
1. Expand your customer base
2. Build valuable brand recognition
3. Meet new trade contacts
4. Profit from selling direct to consumers on the day
5. Promote your product and brand to thousands of targeted consumers
6. Continue exposure with the use of sponsorship packages

联系人:Mr. Mumtaz
Time : 10:00am - 10:00pm
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