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Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd in both designing and supplying fully Integrated Industrial Automation Systems,

including hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical/electronic systems for motion control applications.

Our Automation Control Solution includes complete systems for high-pressure testing of pneumatic and hydraulics.

Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd are specialist distributed of high performance electrical conduits and fittings

with a manufacturing base located in Australia. Our emphasis is in the production of eco friendly products that reduce

or minimise the environmental impact caused by traditional materials. No chemicals are used in the manufacturing process

and our products, which are easily recycled do not contain any Organo-Halides or Heavy metals.

Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd has become the premier supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic controls,

equipment, and systems. At Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd, we are continuously expanding our capabilities

through our high quality product lines, knowledgeable and innovative staffs, state of the art technology,

and customer service.

Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd, we are dedicated to total client satisfaction in their specific product and

service requirements. We provide application Automation Systems Engineering expertise, high quality products,

and fully customisable Automation Systems for operations in all Industries.

Our expertise are supporting by world leading brands Koganei, SMC, CKD, FESTO, Jufan, TPC and Pisco.

Pneumatic Equipment, Hydraulic Cylinder, Valve Filter, Lubricators

Through constant research & development,Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd aim is to deliver the highest quality

and performance at the most cost effective level that will meet or exceed current performance standards.
Awareness and Encouragement
Using state of the art equipment in combination with high technology materials we can deliver substantial benefits

over traditional materials. Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd is committed to minimising our environmental impact

through and active and responsible approach, as such Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd has implemented a

Environmental and Quality management system.

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