for Hot Melt Adhesives Fischer Tropsch Wax /FT Wax /Synthetic Wax Xtft-80

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Application:It is used in the manufacture of adhesives, rubber, cosmetics and industrial cleaners, as well as in metalworking.
Features and Benefits:

1.Low oil content

2.Low Penetration

3.High Hardness


PropertiesUnitTest methodSpecificationsResult
Melting pointºCASTM D3954-94-200480-8680
Penetration0.1mm/100g 5s at25ºCASTM D1321-201010-1812
Oil content%ASTM D721-20061-31
Viscositymm2/s@100ºCASTM D445-20098-109

Colour:White powder
Packing:25 KG Valve bag / 980KG Jumbo bag

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