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  • Company:GENTLE AUTOMATIC SOLUTION SDN BHD - Pneumatic Equipment
  • Websitehttp://www.gentle.com.my
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
Brand Introduction

Do you looking for replacement on Parker Kuroda pneumatic products, please call:-
Tel: 603-80237743/8743
email: go2mgp@gmail.com

KURODA PRECISIonThis corner of our shop will display products from KURODA PRECISION of Japan,  a premier manufacturer of pneumatic components and air control equipment. Please visit their www.gentle.com.myFor enquiry of pneumatic products not on display ,please email go2mgp@gmail.com  kimages.jpg (51689 bytes)
Air FiltersF35, F45          F55        F105   Air LubricatorsL35, L45         L55         L105   Integral Filter-RegulatorB35, B45          B55         B105   Spare bowls and bowl guardProximity switch MT-2
Coalescing Filters (0.01-Microns)M35, M45          M55          M105  Sludge Filters (0.3-Microns)S35, S45          S55          S105  Air RegulatorsR35, R45          R55          R105  
 C35, C45          C55          C105  U35, U45          U55        U105  Regulator press. gauge40mm dial
KURODA  119 Air RegulatorKURODA  FilterFilter element for H604D-03M1Filter element for S604D-03M1        KURODA  Hi-Rotors 
 4-Port Miniature Single Solenoid Valves  PCS241 and PCS245 seriesVA01 series Electrical Connectors    for  PCS241 and PCS245 and VA01 seriesKURODA  PCD245-NB-D24LKURODA  PCD245-NB-D24SPKURODA 2-position Single Solenoid Valve  A2315Spare  Solenoid Coil  for the above valve
 KURODA Adex ValveA12RS25-1P-01-E A12PS25-1PA12PS25-1P-EKURODA Solenoid Valve  A2406 and A2408 and A2410 To Order 20 pcs AS2408-03-220VK20PS25  KURODA Valve
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