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Paraffin is mainly composed of solid alkane, odorless and tasteless. It is a white or light yellow translucent solid. Due to its high oil content, it is mainly used to make matches, fiberboard, canvas, etc. When polyolefin additives are added to paraffin wax, its melting point increases and its adhesion and flexibility increase. It is widely used in moisture-proof and waterproof packaging paper, paperboard, surface coating of some textiles and candle production.

 PropertiesUnitTest MethodResults
Melting pointºCGB/T 253960-62
Oil content%GB/T 3554≤0.8
Color-GB/T 3555≥25
Light stability-SH/T 0404≤5
Penetration25ºC,1/10mmGB/T 4985≤19

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