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  • Brand Name:chanto
  • Company:GENTLE AUTOMATIC SOLUTION SDN BHD - Pneumatic Equipment
  • Websitehttp://www.gentle.com.my
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
Brand Introduction

Looking for Chanto products? Please contact us at Tel: 603-80237743/ 8743 Fax:03-80239743

 Precision in techniques, Creating the technology Age, insist on high quality, New era of precise technique
Founded in 1982, Chanto has more than 26 years of experience in fabricating pneumatic and hydraulic products. Nowadays the company has constructed a worldwide marketing network based on their concepts of modernization and future-based development.Our foundation laid by expertise, continued innovation and extensive customer service.
- From applied theories to daily practice, Chanto reveals Perspectives. -
Five perspectives of CHANTO~”unio‧Efficiency‧Innovation‧High Quality‧Quick Response”
Interact to do high efficiency job, well-regulated procedures of manufacture. A system designed to respond quickly and easily to your special ordering needs.

At the trend of globalization, only with vision and practice of precise and skillful technique can we response to market demands perfectly and expand our territory to world. We established the head office of CHANTO AIR HYDRULICS and new factory with modest attitude of learning, and set five perspectives with resolute confidence. We are glad to achieve successful future with you.

Welcome your joining in our cooperative partners. CHANTO, your total solution provider!
A combination of experience and theorem
Our professional employees’ creativity comes from the capability applying theories to practice. We keep designing innovative and the best pneumatic & hydraulic products based on the mission of achieving expertise and excellence.
CHANTO insists on quality
Quality stands for Chanto’s image. We put total quality control into practice by implementing it in various aspects, namely R&D, manufacture, assembling, inspections and customer service. Such a firm quality control system leads to pneumatic & hydraulic products of high performance, great precision and reliability.

CHANTO constructs a modern concept with the principle of TQM(Total Quality Management) and pursues purely high standard environment. Under the requirement of high technology, precision and efficiency, TQM does not only mean improving products service and quality, but establishing superior enterprise paragon and giving new life to materials.

The art of resource integration
After surveying every segment carefully, we can give you truthful quality guarantee.Each output of CHANTO represents their confidence and honor.From theory to practice, every process is the essence of wisdom.
 - Prospects for the future. -

With the mission of “pursuing excellence to challenge the future,” We have taken much effort into pneumatic & hydraulic products for years. This has contributed consideabiy to our state-of-the-art technology and strategies of operation and administration.

Coping with variety demands and strict claims, we aim to provide solutions based on “extra value and competitive price” in the fluid power by applying our successful experience.

We never give up the principles of “best value” and our full-range service nework shall never miss your need. The spirit of diligence and commitment helps us with the fierce competition in the international trade market.

 - CHANTO, your best choice. -
CHANTO provides the solutions
Out R&D members, technicians, marketing staffs are well-disciplined and possess expertise in the field pf fluid power. Their experience and knowledge not only serve as the cornerstone of the company’s steady growth but also provide customers with total solutions and satisfaction.
Excellent technology.
 - Outstanding products. -
 Strict process and inspection is the key of superior performance.

Create the new experience of products…
Innovation is the motive force of manufacturing, In professional fields of precise air hydraulic machine, CHANTO applies CAD/CAM system to developing new products for our customers, and provides various innovation and swift service under the quidance of professional technology. Such a firm quality control system leads to the high performance, great precision and reliability of excellent pneumatic & hydraulic products.

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