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  • Brand Name:JETON
  • Company:GENTLE AUTOMATIC SOLUTION SDN BHD - Pneumatic Equipment
  • Websitehttp://www.gentle.com.my
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
Brand Introduction

Length and andle can be freely adjusted, suitable for most fluids(liquids and gases), hose orifice can be can be changed as needed.Can be used for air or for water/oil supply to metal processing machinery.Made of Dupont 100P material;this highly rigid yet resilient acetal(POM) is strongly resistant to oils and chemicals.Adjustable Coolant Hose is highly pliable; it holds its shape well and will not spring back.Bending hose will not reduce inner diameter; hose will not pinch or fatigue.Adjustable Collant Hose will not damage cutting blades if there is accidental contact.Adjustable Collant Hose dose not conduct electricity and is suitable for use on electrical discharge (EDM) machines.Four kinds of orifice inner diameter are available : 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4".Adjustable Collant Hose is designed for the transport of low-pressure fluids.Hose Pressure and Flow Characteristics : 1/4" SYSTEM2.0~3.0 kg/cm2900 Liter /hour3/8" SYSTEM2.0~3.0 kg/cm21500 Liter /hour1/2" SYSTEM1.4~2.0 kg/cm21700 Liter /hour3/4" SYSTEM0.7~1.4 kg/cm21900 Liter /hourRecommended usage : When using Adjustable Collant Hose, changes in the situation may affect the maximum pressure.It is recommended that tests be performed whenever changes are made.Thermal characteristics :  Melting point165°CMaximum use temperature65°CAdjustable Collant Hose packaging :  

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