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  • Brand Name:GENTLE
  • Company:GENTLE AUTOMATIC SOLUTION SDN BHD - Pneumatic Equipment
  • Websitehttp://www.gentle.com.my
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
Brand Introduction

Gentle pneumatic fitting and speed controller is the best for machine application.

Standard type
Various shapes are available to meet different applications.
Economy type
These low cost fittings cover most basic applications.
Outer body size is up to 40% smaller than Standard type


SMC series of products
the company sold in Japan SMC's sole agent for all product components, which also won SMC "Thermo-chiller" series of exclusive agents and maintenance technology, becoming the only company in Taiwan to provide specialized maintenance and consulting services component of this series company. Thermo-chiller Series HRZ-WS is the latest generation of heated liquid flow through the system, a breakthrough technology to achieve the effect of the past to save energy, electricity use can save 82%, while the use of more water savings of about 90%, not only the work efficiency , while operating costs are more economic.
SMC detailed product information can be found ink13b">http://www.smcworld.com/2002/

New Products Coming Soon Royal machine direction system Air pressure machine grants Quiet air of the machine Standard pneumatic cylinder Composite cylinder Special type of pneumatic cylinder Affiliated related equipment Pneumatic claw clip Vacuum machines Royal machine drive system

New Product Preview: Flow row socket connector composite base SJ2000 / 3000 Phi] 2, Phi 4, ø6 Cassette-type 5-port solenoid valve SJ2000 / 3000 of the hybrid may Bus socket connector piping connected to the corresponding φ rapid tube may TOP New Product Preview: Static eliminator IZS30 In addition to static time of 0.3 seconds Power consumption: In addition to power 4W standby 2.5W. According to the reaction of an external sensor, a signal of opposite polarity of the circuit is continuously discharged ions Uses: clean room with pneumatic component assembly to prevent electrode contamination ■ ■ ■ ions can be used to produce very stable cleanroom TOP New Product Preview: Process Pump Process Pump PAF3000 clean wet process series Body Material New P FA diaphragm / PTFE packing material External non-metallic (no external metal parts) Pump station with a variety of liquids may correspond Light weight. Compact The maximum discharge volume: 20l / min (automatic actuation) Quality: 1.3kg (air actuated, without plate) TOP New Product Preview: Dedicated coolant valve SGC Body Material New P FA diaphragm / PTFE packing material Traffic - Cv values than the previous generation increased by more than 1.3 times Life: 5 million back over (lifetime income under these test conditions Company Value) Off valve for the detection of magnetic reed switch with Corresponding RoHs (green green Declaration) to cut the use of chemical substances in the environmental burden Power consumption: 0.35w (24VDC case) ● ● external ring guide electromagnetic air operational 0.5MPa / 1.0MPa / 1.6MPa use TOP New Product Preview: SUS316 pipe joints within Kan KFG Material: SUS316 Fluid temperature -5 ~ 150 ℃ Applicable piping material -FEP. PFA. Nylon. Soft nylon. PU. Polyolefin (polylefin) No lubricant TOP New Product Preview: Pressure switch built-in type regulator AR / AW- / ARM / AC Built-in pressure regulator switch 2-color digital display type Digital pressure switch specifications Rated pressure range 0 ~ 1MPa Set pressure range -0.1 ~ 1MPa Resistant to pressure 1.5MPa Set pressure decomposition can 0.01MPa For fluid Air Supply Voltage DC12 ~ 24V Switching output NPN output or PNP1 Specifications CE makking.UL / CSA TOP New Product Preview: Stainless steel cylinder system control valve ASG series Material: SUS316 (Seal Material: Special FKM) Applicable piping material:.. FEP.PFA nylon soft nylon .PU together. TOP New Product Preview: 2 -color display type digital flow switch PFM series Flow adjustment range: 10,25,50,100l / min Minimum measuring flow: 0.01l / min (flow rate range 25,50,100l / min for 0.1l / min) Fluid: air, N2, Ar, CO2 Accuracy (linearity): ± 3% FS No lubricant Fluid adjustment valve integration (province piping, space) The corresponding time: 50msec. 0.5sec. 1sec. 2sec may choose to follow TOP New Product Preview: EtherNet / IP serial transmission systems EX500 / 250 series Corresponding DHCP Communication speed: 10M / 100M Ideal for Rockwell Automation's host Obtained in accordance with ODVA EtherNet / IP certification test qualified products When a fault occurs, the output signal can be HOLD / CLEAR TOP Royal machine direction of the system: Five-port solenoid valve / direct piping type clip-on base SY3000-5000 Series TOP Royal machine direction of the system: High silencer muffler ANA1.ANB1 series Noise can be reduced to the factory 85dB (A) below the high silencer muffler 40dB (A) in the noise reduction effect ANA1 series 10dB (A) to enhance (as compared with existing products) The same pipe diameter, but effective off larger area ANB 'series Silencing effect of 38dB (A) Suitable for centralized exhaust at the base Tooth lock-in and quick connector type two kinds of specifications TOP Royal machine direction of the system: 4 -port electro-pneumatic proportional valve VY3 EP HYREG Usage: can be used for pneumatic cylinder acceleration and deceleration and pressure control! Flexible pneumatic cylinder drive can be individually controlled A, B hole, so you can freely do accelerate pneumatic cylinder, deceleration and pressure control. Simple configuration circuit, a solenoid valve to control But also to maintain the original position off the powerto consider safety measures power outage, there is a pneumatic cylinder to hold position with the output pressure manual setting function Simple mode of operationto provide power as long as (DC24V) and the signal voltage (DC1 ~ 5V) to control A, B hole pressure from the outside. With the original systemregardless of what type of pneumatic cylinders in existing equipment, with VY3 products to achieve high-speed, high-performance technology. Example of usein various industrial machines, high-speed conveyance (out, switch off) TOP Royal machine direction of the system: Automatic balance control VY511`VYU5 After changing the load of the pneumatic cylinder may be self-balancing system Three kinds of action function, enabling labor-saving automation A manual action (only self-balancing function) After balancing the pressure setting, the use of external force to move the pneumatic cylinder (rotary adjustment knob set at 1 or 0.5 rotation adjustment knob settings, see manual) Two internal setting operation (automatic balance + driver) After the equilibrium pressure is set using the terminal ON / OFF signal to cause changes in the equilibrium pressure of the pneumatic cylinder to the drive cylinder. Changes in the equilibrium pressure is set by the controller to implement the adjustment knob inside. (Rotating adjustment knob set at 2 or 3) 3 External into force action (automatic balance + driver) After balancing the pressure setting, according to the size of the terminal block input voltage (DC 0 ~ 10V) to drive change in the equilibrium pressure cylinder. (Rotating adjustment knob set at 4 or 5) TOP Royal machine direction of the system: 4 -port direct acting poppet valve VQD1000 Excellent speed and stability should reach sexual ON: 4ms, OFF:. 2ms error value ± 1ms (with lights, over-voltage protection circuit, when the supply pressure 0.5MPa) (clean, dry air) Small, lightweight (34g) and high flow Body width 10mm Cv0.05 (standard) 2W Body width 10mmCv0.08 (standard) 4W (U-type large traffic specification) You can also use a vacuum (10 Torr)(leakage 0.03cm / s He below) can be used to destroy the vacuum circuit, if used as a 3 valve, 4 (A) or 2 (B) hole plugged with a plug, you can changed into NO, NC, the three valves. Clean room environment can be used for construction on the main valve off considerably less dynamic seals can reduce dust generation. Oil-prohibited goods corresponding specifications available special note. Specifications copper can not take the fluid part no copper components, so the standard can be used. TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: SRP Precision Clean regulator SRP ‧ Low flow high-precision stainless steel valve Achieve consumption flow at the "liter" Excellent corrosion resistance, a metal contact with the fluid used in all SUS316 Parts of all fluid contact ultrasonic cleaning after HFC1416 TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Even a small seat type valve ARM10 / 11 Should set the conditions for freedom of choice Quick connector type, size can be changed With gas block in a fixed position even choose either the left and right seat type Limit the use of indicator gauge attached lens cover can switch easily adjusted Thrust Control can be used in the drive TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: UHF degrees. Long-life solenoid valve XT323-4 High frequency actuation: 50 times / sec, long life: more than 1 billion back Balanced 3 port solenoid valve (patent structure) due to the use of balanced poppet valve structure, so they are not affected by the pressure of a high and low responsiveness. Parts of blowing the whole column, IC's Then the high-speed control agent coated pressure TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Electro-pneumatic proportional valve ITV2000 Series No phase changes using electrical signals proportional to the air pressure control TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Precision Regulator IR2000 Series TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Heavyweight automatic drain valve ADH4000 Easy maintenance Do not need to unplug the pipe can be repaired. Do not need to use the power without wasting air concerns. Constructed using floating barrel, to follow the water automatically excluded. TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Small portable manometer PPA series Anywher comfortably detect pressure TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: SI base solenoid valve TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: SI series electric drive TOP Air pressure subsidy machines: Linear Slides LXS Series TOP Quiet air of the machine: Hollow membrane dryer IDG series 50,100,200,300,500 l / min IDG series with 50,100,200,300,500 l / min (ANR), five processing specifications traffic! TOP Quiet air of the machine: Ultra-fine oil mist separator AMH Series Ultra-fine oil mist separator with pre-filter integrated products Fixed saving space Fixed saving space TOP Quiet air of the machine: Pressure relief valve rise AV2000-3000-4000 Air pressure when the initial pressure in the system, and the low speed may be slow to boost the air in the air supplying state, the supply must be turned off when the pressure of the exhaust gas can be rapidly. TOP Standard pneumatic cylinder: CA2 standard pneumatic cylinder CA2 5 to 15% mass reduction Cushioning performance Easy to adjust cushion valve The kinetic energy can be absorbed up to a 30% increase Increase the amount of vibration piston shaft 5% to 10% Installation of the same size and CA1 The foreign Screw Size (NPT screw, G screws) standardization TOP Standard pneumatic cylinder: Short Pitch Fixed small pneumatic cylinder CJ2B6-X773 When used side by side, you can shorten the fixed pitch Before and after the change of diameter size cap for φ7 After the cover is a joint and integrated, it can shorten the length of the TOP Standard pneumatic cylinder: Double acting pneumatic cylinder CJ1B4 The front cover of the joints do ± 90 ° of the direction of change TOP Standard pneumatic cylinder: Precision pneumatic cylinder MTS 20- ﹑ ﹑ φ40 φ32 φ25 ﹑ TOP Standard pneumatic cylinder: Ultra-high capacity pneumatic cylinder RHC 20- ﹑ ﹑ φ40 φ32 φ25 ﹑ High-speed (3000mm / s). Lighter load to low speed. Heavy-duty far, smooth buffering capacity. Pneumatic cylinder 30 times the standard kinetic energy absorption capability. Less susceptible to changes in load or supply pressure. Purpose: to absorb energy. Buffer stroke Pneumatic cylinder diameter (mm) The maximum absorption energy [J (Kgfcm)] Effective buffer stroke (mm) 20 7 (70) 80 25 12 (120) 80 32 21 (210) 80 40 33 (330) 80 TOP Composite cylinder : Slide pneumatic cylinder / long stroke MXY series φ6, φ8, φ12 Linear slide rails forming one pneumatic cylinder (MXP Series) on sale of long stroke type new Built-magnet linear guide rodless pneumatic cylinder High rigidity, light weight, small Overall, though small permissible moment there is great TOP Composite cylinder : CY3B / R magnet rodless pneumatic cylinder CY3B / CY3R φ15, φ20, φ25, φ32, φ40, Space-saving pneumatic cylinder representatives magnet rodless cylinder upgrade again! Improve the durability Improve bearing performance Using soft elastic sealing enhance lubricity 30% reduction in the minimum operating pressure TOP Composite cylinder : Guide rod attached thin cylinder MGP series φ12 φ16 φ20 φ25 φ32 φ40 φ50 φ63 φ80 φ100 Endpoints to prevent vibration and noise Compare rubber cushion to allow movement about a threefold increase in energy Built mining cushion adjustment valve, there is no exposed adjustment screws, looks more concise. Do not install the rubber cushion pads, so you can return the complex to ensure accuracy. TOP Composite cylinder : Magnet rodless cylinder (basic type) CY1B (ø6 ~ φ63) Connecting more easily with the external guide rails to prevent the generation of eccentricity. Attached floating joints / heat resistant TOP Composite cylinder : Attached guide cylinder MGG series φ20φ25 φ32 φ40 φ50 φ63 φ80 φ100 May correspond to a higher work load objects Maximum stroke 1300mm (φ100) TOP Composite cylinder : Slide cylinder MXP ø6 ﹑ ﹑ φ16 φ12 φ10 ﹑ Running Parallelism 0.004mm Parallelism 0.02mm / 2 direction by the pipe (axial direction and the transverse direction) Pneumatic cylinders hidden in the interior of the linear bearing high precision, high rigidity small slide TOP Composite cylinder : Small slide MXQ ø6 φ8 ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ φ20 φ16 φ12 ﹑ ﹑ φ25 High rigidity, high-precision linear bearings of circulating Improves load resistance MXS series compared with the load resistance performance for excessive force caused by increased 3-fold Symmetrical as standard with optional corresponding Precision, small TOP Composite cylinder : Mechanical rodless cylinder MY1HT series φ50 φ63 TOP Composite cylinder : Precision rail-type MY1H series φ16, φ20, φ25, φ32, φ40 Full specifications additional endpoints locking mechanism With no locking mechanism for the same external dimensions Choose one side or both sides of the lock to lock Does not require unlocking piping Do micro-adjustment stroke TOP Composite cylinder : Flat-type cylinder MXS ø8 ~ φ25; ø6 ~ φ25 Additional hydraulic buffers / symmetrically Additional hydraulic buffer ø8 ~ φ25 Stop to reduce the impact of the original quarter (compared with the conventional products) Return the complex to enhance positioning accuracy (± 0.05mm) Symmetrical type (pre-standard) φ6 ~ φ25 Stroke adjustment, position reed switch fixed position with the standard left and right opposite (symmetrical) 2 side by side, on the fixed more convenient TOP Composite cylinder : Thin low friction air cylinder (metal body seal) MQQ series φ10, φ16, φ20, φ25, φ28 Low drive ︰0.005MPa Hyperresponsiveness ︰ unit may control the small load changes 0.01N Hyperresponsiveness ︰ unit may control the small load changes 0.01N High temperature specifications ︰120 ℃ (special note product) Long life ︰10,000km than about five times the standard lateral load resistance (MQQL) TOP Composite cylinder : Rust slide cylinder MXS-X42 ø6 ﹑ ﹑ φ8 φ16 φ12 ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ φ25 φ20 Can be used for non-occurrence of corrosion environment Rails, bearing section with special anti-rust treatment TOP Composite cylinder : Locking cylinder CL High stopping accuracy Can be locked in two directions when pneumatic cylinder reciprocating motion, can be locked. Simple maintenance repair, you can easily use the manual mode decomposition can unlock function. Fixing space can be saved miniaturization locking mechanism, in addition to the locking mechanism, the other parts of the same size as the standard. The locking mechanism of miniaturization, in addition to the locking mechanism, the other parts of the same size as the standard. (CAI series) A locking mechanism in three ways (CLA occasions) Lock mode Spring lock Air pressure lock Spring air pressure and with a lock Stop Accuracy ± 1.0mm < ± 0.5mm Characteristics ● Safety Measures(Exhaust lock) ● High precision ● retention can be arbitrarily changed ● High precision ● retention can be arbitrarily changed ● Safety Measures TOP Composite cylinder : Precision rail-type magnet rodless cylinder CY1H series φ10φ15 φ20 φ25 φ32 TOP Composite cylinder : Rail thin cylinder MGF Î | 40, φ63, φ100 Height direction toward compact development Superior resistance to eccentric loading of large diameter rail thin cylinder Fixed height reduction 15% ~ 25% (MGQ ratio), Mining thin cylinder, therefore, means all the sophisticated technology. TOP Composite cylinder : Powerful guide rod type pneumatic cylinder MGPS Ø50, φ80 10% increase in the lateral load resistance, resistance to eccentric loads increase, 25%, resistance to impact load increased 140%, (compared with MGPM50) End plate side with a fixed set of gold thread holes with Guide rod shaft diameter mm Pneumatic cylinder diameter (mm) MGPS MGPM φ50 φ30 φ25 φ80 φ45 φ30 TOP Composite cylinder : Guides thin cylinder of a rotary table attached MGP φ63, φ80, φ100 Guides integration merchandise thin air cylinder (MGP) and the rotary table. Built-in high-precision bearings can smoothly make repeated rotary motion. Integration and manually rotating platform High precision bearings makes smooth return to turn sport into a possible network Each platform section 90, 180, attachment positioning mechanism TOP Composite cylinder : Guides thin cylinder MGP φ63, φ80, φ100 Guides integration merchandise thin air cylinder (MGP) and the rotary table. Built-in high-precision bearings can smoothly make repeated rotary motion. Additional long-travel series, make use of a wider range Uses TOP Special type pneumatic cylinder: Magnet rodless pneumatic cylinder CY1F ø10, Ø15, φ25 To "thin"; "short body" design To transport small working material for the object, the mounting height, full-length completely cut Optional centralized piping port variations Four kinds of adjustable stroke TOP Special type pneumatic cylinder: 3 position pneumatic cylinder RZQ φ32, Î | 40, Ø50, φ63 Subtle dimension to extend the reach Sec stroke Without changing the total length will be able to specify the size of the first paragraph of stroke The complex network of intermediate stop position following the decision of precision in +/- 0.02mm You can travel freely specified in the first paragraph Strong horizontal load of large diameter pipe rod Diverse assembly method TOP Special type pneumatic cylinder: Pressurized cylinder VBA1110-420 New and additional stainless steel air reservoir Air reservoir capacity: 5L.10L.20L.38L Maximum operating pressure: 2MPa {20.4Kgf / cm} The plant can save energy and costs VBA1110.200.400 / ㄧ times until the pressure booster twice. VBA1111 / ㄧ times to four times until the supercharging pressure. VBA1311 / dissimilar stream (inert gas, turbine oil) is pressurized. (Pressure ratio of 1: 4 times) only a pipe, do not use the power to obtain the required pressure air. Leaving almost no temperature rise due to pressurization, therefore, do not need to be cooled. Since the beginning of comparison from atmospheric and pressurized, only about a quarter of the energy consumed. TOP Affiliated related equipment: The fluorine-containing resin needle LVN Series Clean Wer Series 4 heavy and dense structure The adhesion using nuts positioned to reach slack prevention mechanism Construction of a high torque can be Ministry tube nut bolt them with two-stage compression, can really fixing tube To minimize the accumulation of liquid, the liquid displacement characteristics of good TOP Affiliated related equipment: Fluorine resin tube TL / TIL series φ1 / 8 ", 1/16" Additional φ1 / 8 ", 1/16" Uses: Mm Size: φ4 ~ φ19 (6 sizes) Inch size: φ1 / 8 "~ φ1 / 2" (8 Dimensions) Size change: TOP Affiliated related equipment: Cleanroom Cleanroom Series Introduction Series Depending on the level of cleanliness to choose air system Class10-Class1000 of cleanliness SMC clean room products, all through the determination of the amount of dust, depending on the amount of dust the machine level to distinguish Class10-Class1000 use series. Dust is not brought into the clean room Check the products, in the clean room environment, the use of high-definition purified air to make the surface wiping (clean bench / class100). Use anti-static plastic bags, do a double package after shipment. TOP Affiliated related equipment: Clean room system loop and dust measuring method Cleanroom Series TOP Affiliated related equipment: Clean room with valve SRH series Stainless cylinder valve strict control pollution occurs TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Rotary jaws MRHQφ10, φ16 Suitable for holding material production line work, reversed. The pipe, the wiring concentration on the same surface angle adjustment can be improved workability. Solve piping on existing products interference problems caused by the rotation of the wiring. Will be compared with existing products, length shortened by 20%. There slewing angle 90 °, 180 ° two specifications. Built-in magnet switch, so you can append Reed. TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Thin pneumatic jaws MHF series φ8, φ12, φ16, φ20 Save space; streamlined Save space on the device would be helpful Reduce the generation of torque Improve accuracy by reducing vibration TOP Pneumatic claw clip: 180 ° switching cam pneumatic jaws MHY2 ø10 ~ Ø50 MHY Series / cam, lightweight, compact small caliber jaws TOP Pneumatic claw clip: 180 ° switch gear pneumatic jaws MHW2 ø10 ~ Ø50 MHW Series / gear-typesealing structure using originally developed length is shortened, gripping force to open and close the same. (PAT.PEND) TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Pneumatic jaws MHS series φ16 φ20 φ25 φ32 φ40 φ50 φ63 φ80 φ100 φ125 According to the work piece shapes and uses three kinds of forms of jaws (two claws, three claws, four claws) to choose from Wedge bite construct miniaturized design / large gripping force The above position has decided to use body positioning holes / from complex accuracy of ± 0.01mm TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Variable stroke pneumatic jaws MHQ2 Series TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Heat-resistant pneumatic jaws MH 2 / MHQ 2-X4 series MAX.l0O ° C can be used Dimensions same as with the standard Uses: ambient temperature and use of air temperature: -10 ~ + 100 ℃ (reed switch attached occasions: -10 ~ + 60 ℃) TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Attached dust cover / through-hole type MHS 3 Series TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Pneumatic linear guides jaws MHZ2 series φ10 φ16 ﹑ ﹑ ﹑ φ25 φ20 TOP Pneumatic claw clip: Small slide pneumatic cylinder MXH series φ6 ﹑ ﹑ φ20 φ16 φ10 ﹑ TOP Vacuum machines: Straight vacuum generator ZU φ0.5, φ0.7 Vacuum pressure supply hole and the hole in the same straight line, so the pipe easier Using resin body, so up to lightweight Nozzle diameter φ0.5: 6.5 g φ0.7: 7.0 g Exterior color with white lines, and therefore more beautiful The long quick connector (copper not correspond to the product) TOP Vacuum machines: Vacuum check valve AK2000-01 ~ 02X209 Vacuum non-return valve to maintain a dedicated, low cracking pressure 0.003 MPa TOP Royal machine drive system: Speed check valve attached to the valve wizard-ASP Series Do middle pneumatic cylinder stop and speed control Do 360 ° free rotation direction of the wind pipe fixed Electroless nickel plating process for standard TOP Royal machine drive system: Governor ASD Two kinds of flow control valve and check valve of integrated products Exhaust Control: pneumatic cylinder speed control Intake control: pneumatic cylinder to prevent the phenomenon of flying Low-speed control pneumatic cylinder When the load changes on the speed control Can be fixed in any direction the wind pipe (360 degrees freely) TOP Royal machine drive system: Serial transmission system EtherNet / IP Corresponding DHCP Communication speed: 10M / 100M Ideal for Rockwell Automation's host Obtained in accordance with ODVA EtherNet / IP certification test qualified products When a fault occurs, the output signal can be HOLD / CLEAR TOP

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