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Brand Introduction

Compress air piping - Coloured "Blue" to identify the contents for Compressed Air and Vacumm this is the proven system that has been installed in over 5,000 sites. Air pro is replacement GI piping for better  automation system tomorrow.... 

More and more users of compressed air pipe systems are acknowledging theance of providing serviced air to their pneumatic equipment. Air which is free from moisture and contaminants and delivered in the right quantity will ultimately extend the life of their quipment and reduce expensive repair or replacement costs which is why Air-Pro should be included in your design criteria for achieving successful results.

The superior qualities of Air-Pro

  • Provides a reduction of 40% infrictional losses over steel

  • Re-Locatable, Re-Useable and 100% Re-cycleable

  • Requires no periodical painting or labeling.

  • provides the highest level of sealing efficiency. Reduced cycle time of compressors, pumps and ancillary equipment eliminates product loss and provides energy cost savings.

  • System is 3-4 times quicker to install than traditional materials with modifications and changes undertaken in minutes.

Compression Fittings

The Pro-Pipe II compression range can be used to extend existing pipe work of steel or copper and to connect to ancillary equipment such as filters/regulators and quick connectors.These items can simply be screwed into the relevent fitting which is threaded BSP. An airtight seal is provided by an 'O'-Ring within the fitting which is maintained even in deflected angles of up to 30 deg. Pullout is prevented by a grip-ring which bites into the pipe.

Compression type fitting

The use of Calair Support Clips are highly recommended as they will considerably speed up installation and provide a positive method of location, they will also assist in the removal of pipe for modification.

No expensive skilled labour is needed for installation, reconfiguring or recycling of the Pro-Pipe II compression range - just simple ring wrenches, used by normal factory labour after minutes of training. They can be quickly and easily demounted for changes to reticulation systems as plant needs change.

Socket Fusion Fittings

The Pro-Pipe II socket fusion range features the same clean, low-friction and non-corrosive qualities of the compression fittings range, which are valued in a huge number of applications because they are far easier and faster to erect than alternative systems.The socket fusion range of fittings are offered as a low-cost permanent alternative to the standard range of compression fittings.

Socket Fusion fittings

The socket fusion joint system is assembled using electric socket fusion welders.
The standard socket fusion threaded joints are made from Nickel plated Brass however for chemically aggressive enviroments we can offer these fittings made from 316 Stainless Steel

Our socket fusion products which complements our internationally successful compression fitting systems - is designed to provide another dimension to the CalAir product range. This will enable users to selec the ideal CalAir jointing system most suited and most cost-effective for their ongoing needs.


Coloured "GREEN" to identify the contents for Water, this is the system for conveying all types of water.

Water-Pro is intended for the conveyance of:

  • Chilled water

  • Cooling water

  • Waste water

  • Hot water

  • Discharge water


Coloured "BEIGE" to identify the contents for Gas, this is the system for conveying Gases.

Nitrogen pipe system supplied using Gas-Pro

Gas-Pro is intended for use with inert gases such as:

  • Argon

  • Helium

  • Nitrogen

  • Carbon Dioxide

  • Shielding Gas Mixtures


Violet-coloured Chem-Pro engineering grade co-polymer piping system for chemical solutions costs less than alloy steels and has greater abrasive resistance. This product has been developed for broad industrial applications including, industrial cleaning, chemical treatment, galvanising processes, mineral processes.

The Chem-Pro™ system is part of the family of safety-oriented colour-coded piping systems that conform with the requirements of standards relating to content identification of pipes, conduits and ducts, including AS1345 (1995).

  • Compatible with wide range of Acids, Alkalis and Slurries

  • Lightweight

  • Range 1/2" - 4" N.B.

  • High impact resistance

  • Superior U.V. resistance

  • Wide operating temperature

  • All materials are Re-usable, Re-locatable and Re-cycleable

Like all the other members of the Pro-Pipe family, Chem-Pro™ can be easily cut around to reconfigure production lines for changing needs or to add capacity. This ability to easily construct and reconstruct pipeline systems - or even to move entire reticulation systems from one place to another - saves considerable time, labour and expense.


Coloured "Orange" to identify the contents for "Oil Services". This is the system used for oils.

Oil-Pro can convey the following oils:

  • Animal Oils

  • Vegetable Oils

  • Mineral Oils

  • Synthetic Oils


Coloured "Black" to identify the contents for "Waste Services". This is the system used in the reticulation for various Waste pipe systems.

Waste-Pro can convey the following:

  • Process Waste

  • Sewage Waste

  • Chemical Waste

  • Organic Waste


Coloured "Red" to identify the contents for "Fire services". This is the system used in our EWSS Bush-Wild fire protection system, and for fire hose reels.

EWSS - External Water Spray System

All pipe is located in the roof space. No unsightly pipe on the roof.

For maximum protection of life and property against bush fires

After years of research and development coupled to an extensive test programme a new EWSS (external water spray system) is now available for protection of life and property in bush fire attack.

In other parts of the world they maybe referred to as Forest fire, Field fire, Wild fire, Brush fire, Grass fire or Cedar fire.

Fire-Pro� - EWSS is Australia's first professionally designed and manufactured bushfire protection system for new and existing houses, featuring unobtrusive built-in installation with all major components located in the roof space

Fire-Pro� - EWSS is a cost effective system made from advanced polymer materials that contain non-toxic halogen free flame retardants to inhibit flame propagation.

Fire- Pro� - EWSS is available as a D.I.Y. system or installed by a Calair Pipe Systems professional.

Major advantages of the Calair system include:

  • Safe installation without having to walk on the roof. The pipe system's ring main is installed within the roof cavity without specialist tools. Industrial grade flexible hosing carries water to nozzles projecting outside wher they cover hazard areas. In addition to not having ugly pipelines covering roofs, The Calair system prevents damage resulting from installers or inspectors walking upon them.

  • Complete installation from within the roof cavity. Specially designed spray nozzle adaptors (installed within the roof space) are protected by a custom molded roof seal made from low density polyethylene with UV inhibitors for long life. In addition to prevent water ingress the roof seal also insulates the nozzle adaptors in metal roofs to prevent electrolysis.

  • Designed for reliable long-term performance with flexible hose assemblies allowing for expansion and contraction during temperature fluctuations in roof cavities. The flexible hoses accommodate the wide range of temperature variations beneath tile and metal roofs, and are manufactured from premium grade materials containing flame retardants. Hose connections are crimped to ensure maximum strength and a watertight seal for long term trouble free maintenance.

EWSS - Pipe and Fittings

Pro-Pipe II� pipe & fittings are designed to allow installation without welding, gluing, threading or requiring special tools.

The design allows for quick and easy installation that results in a lower installed cost.The hose assembly HS1 is designed to accommodate thermal expansion and contraction over large temperature variations.

HS1 Hose Assembly is supplied with Nut & Tail connectors to allow for quick and easy installation. The Hose Assembly and Connectors are crimped for added security.

EWSS - Spray Nozzles

Advanced spray nozzle design provides maximum droplet size at minimal pressure to prevent early depletion of available water supply. The low profile of the spray nozzle is unobtrusive with minimum impact on building aesthetics.

Roof Spray

The RS1 roof spray is designed for protection of the roof area including, the ridge and gutters, from flying embers. It will provide coverage over a 5 metre area and is supplied with a cup seal and hose adaptor for easy installation.

Window Drenchers

The ED1 drencher is designed to protect windows and doors from the high radiant heat of approaching bush fire and is activated by heat sensors. It will provide coverage over a 4 metre area and is supplied with a mounting flange and hose adaptor for easy installation.


EWSS - Heat Sensors

Special heat sensors are located at strategic points to detect rising temperature. At 95蚓 the heat sensors send a signal to the solenoid valves to open and provide water to the window drenchers.

EWSS - Power Supply

Long life lithium batteries provide power to activate the solenoid valves. The 12 volt power supply is supplied with plug connectors for easy installation.

EWSS - Valves

High flow/low voltage solenoid valves are installed in the branch lines feeding the window drenchers and are automatically activated by the heat sensors.

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