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Evcco Environmental Conduit

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  • Brand Name:Evcco Environmental Conduit
  • Company:GENTLE AUTOMATIC SOLUTION SDN BHD - Pneumatic Equipment
  • Websitehttp://www.my-greenproducts.com.my
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorSubang Jaya
Brand Introduction

Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd
is the Execlusive Distributor in Malaysia.
If you have interest to purchase please contact us : 

email: malaysiagreenproducts@gmail.com

Why Use Halogen Free Materials For Electrical Installations?

Fire Behaviour

In building, Public works construction, hotels, threates, hospitals, offices and also in power plants, subway systems, airport and residential housing, fire behavour should be given most consideration when choosing the correct materials.

Damages as a Consequence of Fire

The fire itself has nearly become a secondary problem. The side effects of fires are the more pressing areas of concern. Statistics show conclusively that human beings are seldom harmed by heat or flames. Most accidents and deaths are the result of the inhalation of corrosive and toxic fumes.

Leading Class

Our halogen free flame retardancy is class leading and is in accordance with relevant electrical standards.

Waste Management and Environmental Issues

Our plastic for use in the production of halogen-free condult contains no chlorines or heavy metals and thus offer to following decisive advantages over conventional systems.

Electric Conduit (PVC Free)

Evcco product range is designated HFT (Halogen Free Flame Retardant) electrical conduit and fittings. Our entire range provides significant environmental benefits compared to PVC.

Our plastic for use in the production of Halogen-free conduit contains no chlorines or heavy metals and thus offers decisive advantages over conventional systems.

Halogen Odo

  • No Corrosive and acidic gas formation in fire situations and no secondary damages to electronic equipment, machines and buildings

  • No aggressive fumes which endanger the lives of humans and animals.

  • Reduced smoke density, giving better visibility at fire exits and rescue teams

HFT Inspection TeeAdaptable Boxes - 77mm and 108mmHFT Inspection ElbowHFT Co<em></em>nduit ClipsHFT Adaptable BoxHFT Square Four Way BoxHFT Square Three Way BoxHFT Square Two Way Straight BoxHFT Square Two Way Angled BoxHFT Square One Way BoxHFT Joiner IP67HFT Sweep bend IP67HFT Male Adaptor IP67

HFT One Way Round Junction BoxHFT Two Way Angled Round Junction BoxHFT Two Way Straight Round Junction BoxHFT Three Way Round Junction BoxHFT Four Way Round Junction Box

The Evcco brand of HFT/LSZH conduit and fittings are manufactured by Albatech Pty Ltd. in Sydney, Australia.
Emphasis is in the production of eco friendly products that reduce or minimise environmental impacts caused by traditional materials.
No toxic chemicals are used in the manufacturing process and our products, which are easily recycled, do not contain any Organo-Halides or Heavy metals.

Through constant research & development, our goal is to offer the highest quality and performance at the most cost effective level that will meet or exceed current performance standards.
Using state of the art equipment in combination with high technology materials we can deliver substantial benefits over other materials.

In concert with producing high quality products we are also committed to minimising our environmental impact through an active and responsible approach which is supported by our adherence to ISO9001 QMS & ISO14001 EMS, both management systems are certified and audited by Lloyds Register. 
In 2009 we commissioned an LCA by the Carbon Reduction Institute to validate GHG emissions.

Evcco products have been independently tested and certified compliant to:-

  • AS/NZS 2053:2001

  • Conduits & Fittings For Electrical Installations

  • AS/ACIF S008:2006

  • Communications

  • ESB E001

  • Low Voltage Electrical Standards (NSW Railcorp)

  • EN 61386-21

  • Conduit Systems For Cable Management

  • MDG3608

  • Non-metallic Materials For Use In Underground Coal Mines

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