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5 Port Solenoid Valve S0700

   2017-06-24 200
Note:Please contact :-Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn BhdTel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743Fax:+603-80239743Email enquary :-sales@gentle.com.my

Please contact :-
Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd
Tel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743
Email enquary :-
sales@gentle.com.my / go2mgp@gmail.com
For more Pneumatic Tools components,
please visit https:// www.gentle.com.my

Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd, always update the latest information on pneumatic products to you for the better application and solution provider.

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Main Line Filter
AFF Series
Increase in an air flow capacity due to lower pressure drop contributing to energy saving

Pilot Operated 4/5 Port Solenoid Valves

5 Port Solenoid Valve/Plug-in Type S0700


■Slim Compact Bar base

■Plug-in Type Stacking base

■Flow rate characteristics

C[dm3/(s・bar)]:0.39 b:0.39 Cv:0.11

■ Power consumption: 0.35 W

■ Possible to drive cylinders Up to ø25 (At 300 mm/s)

■Plug-in Manifold Variations

■ 4-Position Dual 3-Port Valve

■ Adopted Direct Manual.

■ Optimum Actuation Size Chart of Air Cylinder

■ 5 Port Solenoid Valve Plug Lead Type Series S0700

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