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New Stopper Cylinder Range

   2017-03-26 160
Note:New Stopper Cylinder Range from SMC

However, it's not quite this simple

Take a conveyor system

Designed correctly from day one, a conveyor will last a considerable time but care needs to be taken especially when considering the running costs. Obviously, the more a conveyor costs to run, the longer it will take to get your return on investment.

One of the key components on a conveyor are stopper cylinders. Used to stop pallets or boxes, these cylinders are designed to withstand side loading rather than regular cylinders and are available in various sizes and strokes depending on the materials and weights involved.

But what can you do if you haven’t got a supply of compressed air?

SMC has recently launched a brand new range of electric stopper cylinders (Series LEBH-X3 and Series LEBQ40-X31) that are suitable for a vast range of stopper applications with options that can handle transferred weights of up to 800kgs.

Simple to use, with no programming required, these electric cylinders just require one digital output for on – off control. 

The smallest in the range is the series LEBQ40-X31. Designed for lighter transfer weight up to 70 kgs with maximum object speeds of 30m/min, these cylinders are both easy to maintain being adjustment free although the drag value is still changeable.

Series LEBH-X3 has been designed with an adjustable shock absorber plus soft stop capabilities and the drag value can be quickly changed using a simple dial. Sharing the same roller material options – resin or carbon steel – as its smaller model, in the case of the LEBH-3 the roller direction can be changed in 90 degree steps to ensure maximum flexibility.

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