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New Auto Drain Valve AD402-A

   2017-06-11 180
Note:Higher resistance to foreign matter Increase in condensate discharge Drain discharge: Max.100 cm3/cycle (3 times compared with the current model) Better environmental resistance: Transparent bowl guard can protect the inner bowl! Better visibility: 36

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AD402-A, Auto Drain Valve

AD402-A, Auto Drain Valve

The AD402-A is the improved version of SMC's proven AD402 auto drain design.  These enhancements include an improved resistance to foreign matter, increased discharge rate and reduced weight.

  • Improved environmental resistance with transparent bowl guard

  • 360° visibility of bowl contents

  • Reduced maintenance space and easier maintenance

  • Now with three bowl material choices: polycarbonate, nylon (new), aluminum

Product Features

■Longer life & Higher resistance to foreign matter


Resin bowl guard has reduced the weight by 22%

■Easier maintenance

One-touch mounting and removal of the bowl is possible without using a tool.

Release the lock by sliding the lock button down while holding the body.
Then, rotate the bowl guard and pull down for removal.

■Reduced required maintenance space

only 30 mm of space is required underneath for maintenance, allowing more compact installation.

■Transparent bowl guard

Better environmental resistance: Transparent bowl guard can protect the inner bowl!

Windows on the bowl guard have been removed and the inner bowl is instead covered with a polycarbonate transparent bowl guard. Now, even if the environment changes and the bowl is exposed to corrosive chemical or oil splash, the foreign matter will not stick directly to the pressurized bowl. This can reduce risk of bowl breakage.


Bowl material can be selected according to the operating environments.

Bleed valve equipped type can be selected.

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