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Evcco Halogen Free Conduit

   2017-02-09 130
Note:Declare label for Evcco conduit & fittings

Evcco LZOH co<em></em>nduit & fittings join Declare program

Evcco conduit & fittings are now listed on the Living Building Challenge - Declare program. Declare is a transparency platform to help project teams select materials that are free of worst-in-class toxins and that they support a materials industry that safeguards the health of the environment and workers throughout the supply chain.

The transparency of the Declare program aligned with the Living Building Challenge's "Red List" simplifies material documentation and project certification for architects, consultants and specifiers.

How do you know that you are constructing an ecological sound building without doing hours of research? Declare helps you make an informed decision by answering three basic questions. Where is it made? What is it made from? What is its end of life options?

Declare program
Living Building Challenge

Evcco Delcare label electrical conduit

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