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Oiling machine

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Note:Automatic Pet Bottle Unscramble Machine/Plastic Bottle Unscramble Machine  High-Advanced Bagging Machine/Packing Machine for Pellets/Feedstuff  Carbonated Drinks/Beer Pop-Can Production Line 

Can Filling &Sealing Machine|Honey Jar Filling Machine|RO Water Treatment System Processing Machine 
Production Line
|Mango Juice Washing Filling and Capping Glass Bottling Machine

Alipay is launching its own virtual credit card service.
The service will allow users to pay their online purchases on credit.
Users will have 20 days to pay off the balance.
Alipay is going to offer a line of credit of up to 5-thousand yuan per account.
The credit will be based on the individual's previous online shopping data.
Overdue1 payments will be only charged 0.05-percent per day. 
A date for the launch of the new service has yet to be announced.

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