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Print media: eight kinds of food from high blood pressure
In recent years, the number of hypertension patients in growing and the tendency of lower apparent, this kind of patients suffering from drug therapy and diet.According to a survey of India, aged between 20 to 40, most of the Indian people have higher cholesterol levels, high cholesterol levels prone to high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.Another institution Health (Indus Health Plus) according to the survey, due to overwork, 35% to 40% of working women are suffering from high blood pressure.
There are many types of the causes of high blood pressure, genetics or bad living habits will have difference.Excessive eating junk food and not the correct exercise habits, lack of sleep, smoking drinking is a major cause of the disease in young people suffering from high blood pressure.Is critical in order to prevent high blood pressure, eat the food, then we'll have a look at the India today reported together help to prevent high blood pressure food!
1. The nuts
There is no doubt that nuts is a dro in blood pressure.Because nuts contains rich in antioxidants, magnesium and fiber, and low sodium.But also need to pay attention to, use too much salt for nuts will cause other such as obesity, high cholesterol and other health problems.
2. The beans
Soy products contain large amounts of potassium, too small when potassium element, the body will absorb more sodium, sodium can make blood pressure, however.On the other hand, if the rich potassium intake, so we can very good control of blood pressure.Soy contains isoflavones, also is good for control of blood pressure.
3. The sunflower seeds
All the nuts and legumes are good for people's heart function, but when it comes to lowering blood pressure, sunflower seeds is unique in it.Sunflower seeds are considered to be a good source of dietary fiber, and only eat 3 grams per day.The sunflower seeds for human body to provide comprehensive nutrition, in order to lower blood pressure.But also is important to note that contain the sunflower seeds with much salt can't eat more.
4. The banana
Every day to eat two bananas, can make us away from the trouble of heart disease.Because banana is rich in potassium, the banana contains potassium can lower blood pressure. 2 to three percent.Foods rich in potassium, such as bananas, potatoes for lowering blood pressure has a lot of help, but also, people with diabetes also need to pay attention to eat less bananas.
5. Dark chocolate
about 30 calories of chocolate every day there is the effect of lowering blood pressure.The journal of the American medical association, according to a study of dark chocolate contains flavonoids, which are known to improve cardiovascular health, but experts do not recommend eating too much.
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