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Double linear liquid filling machine

   2011-11-12 5040
Note:Recommended Products Dongtai liquid filling machine updateTime : 11/04/2011 Liquid filling machine is mainly used in

Recommended Products Dongtai liquid filling machine

update Time : 11/04/2011

Liquid filling machine is mainly used in beverages, fruit juice, milk and other liquid food filling, liquid cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and liquid from the liquid filling machine is filling,By the liquid filling machine filling volume production more efficient, suitable for the production and development of small and medium enterprises.

Development of China's late liquid filling machine, with some foreign technology and strong packaging technology compared to filling a wide gap between the advanced packaging machine companies Mechanical access to our market, which is the domestic packaging machinery enterprises is not necessarily a good thing, the entry of foreign advanced technology to promote the domestic packaging machinery

The development of packaging machinery market driven economic development. Here are a higher cost of liquid filling machine.

Product Name: Double linear liquid filling machine

Principles and characteristics
A, RGG2T-1G in the filling machine products company on the basis of improved design, and adds some additional functionality. Operation of the product in use

For, the accuracy error of installed capacity to adjust, clean equipment
Cleaning, maintenance, etc. is more simple and convenient.
B, widely used in food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, oil and other industries, can be of different high-viscosity fluid filling. Compact machine design is reasonable,

Simple and beautiful appearance, easy adjustment of filling volume.
C, the machine has two synchronous filling heads, filling the material quickly and accurately.
D, using the German FESTO, Taiwan AirTac pneumatic components and Taiwan's electrical control components, performance and stability.
E, material contact parts are 316L stainless steel.
F, using Korea Photonics eye devices, electrical components in Taiwan PLC and France.
G, convenient adjustment, no bottle no filling, precise filling volume and has a counting function.
H, with anti-drip and drawing the Filling head, anti-foam products, filling high-lift system to ensure that bottle top positioning system and liquid level control system

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