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Air Cylinder-Square Cover

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Air Cylinder-Square Cover

Air Cylinder – Square Cover Features:
Fontal offers a variety of technical solutions to customers and provide a wide range of quality air cylinder with over 40 years of Japanese technical experiences.

Air Cylinder-Square Cover: K Series
・Medium duty cylinder designed for multipurpose
・Available as double acting style with single rod or double rod configurations and cylinder with braking mechanism
・Come standard with adjustable air cushion on both ends and various mounting selections are available
Series: K, K☐7, K☐L, KGD2, KGD7, KGA7, K☐A2, KGK2, KCX, KGO, KGSP

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Air Cylinder-Square Cover: A Series
・Heavy-duty type cylinder with various mounting configurations
・Come standard with adjustable air cushion for noise damping
Series: A, A☐L

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