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   2015-04-14 1730
Note:-Gentle protector hose protectors provide safe and economic protection of hydraulic and pneumatic hoses. By significantly reducing the possibility of hose failure which leads to machine down time. Gentle protective spirals are produced from high grade HDP
      Gentle Spiral 
  • Temperature range of -60ºF to +175ºF
  • Made with Anti-Static and UV Protection additives
  • Tolerates acids, oils and solvents
  • Standard black and yellow colors, custom colors are available
Please contact :
Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd
Email: go2mgp@gmail.com

mining2.jpg_D6K5388 copy.JPG_KAG1715.jpg_KAG1725.jpgforestry.jpgforestry2.jpgspiral2.jpgmining1.jpgforestry3.jpgmining1.jpgBlack Spiral Application.JPGeight.jpgGHX-coil.jpgHAL-coil.JPGHIAB 728.pngIMG_4932.JPGIMG_4947.JPGIMG_4961.JPGseven.jpgspiral2.jpgforestry2.jpgforestry.jpgairhose-zoom.jpgspiral-airhose.jpeg
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