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Taiwan cooking oil factory started to implement compulsory inspection by the end of October

Taiwan authorities "food and drug administration today announced the capital more than thirty million (nt $, the same below) of edible oil manufacturing plant, launched in October 31 to mandatory inspection, and testing at least once every six months, if not in accordance with the provisions of compulsory proofer a maximum fine of 3 million yuan.
"Food and drug administration food group section chief", hsi-wen wu said the announcements including animal and plant oil, the scope of inspection items include animal drug residues, pesticide residues, heavy metals, total polar compounds, pyrene truxene, mycotoxins, etc, and from the raw material, crude oil to the refined oil need to be inspection.
The inspection is only the first wave, and oil began to end of this year December, meat, dairy products, aquatic products, food additives and special nutrition'll start compulsory inspection independently.And July next year, large consumer goods such as salt, sugar, soy, wheat, etc will be implemented.
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