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Fontal Pneumatic Gentle MY

   2020-01-13 1010
Note:Fontal Malaysia is concentrating on industrial upgrading for automation and delivers high-quality and reliable products.

     Fontal Malaysia is concentrating on industrial upgrading for automation and delivers high-quality and reliable products.  Fontal Malaysia is able to provide and guarantee products’ stability, longevity, and their superior quality in order to become world’s leading contributor among the mechanical engineering industry. Fontal Malaysia is leading the industry in the categories of safety operation features, and the usage longevity among the products such as Solenoid Valve and Hi – Rotor.

   Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd has become the premier supplier of Pneumatic and Hydraulic controls, equipment, and systems. At Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd, we are continuously expanding our capabilities through our high quality product lines, knowledgeable and innovative staffs, state of the art technology, and customer service.


    We are dedicated to total client satisfaction in their specific product and service requirements. We provide application Automation Systems Engineering expertise, high quality products, and fully customisable Automation Systems for operations in all Industries. Our expertise are supporting by world leading brands Koganei, Smc, Ckd, Festo, Jufan, Tpc and Pisco. We are specialize in air Booster System in compress air, oil ,gas and water. We produce and deliver for all kind of pneumatic cylinder reed switch and solid state switch.


0930526531967.pdf (Additional Equipment)

0930526731967.pdf (Air Combination Unit)

0930526231967.pdf (Air Cylinder)

0930524131967.pdf (Hi - Rotor)

0930525831967.pdf (Pneumatic System)

0930525631967.pdf (Solenoid Valve)

Please call Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd, we have specialist to guard you.

Tel: 603-80237743 / 8743  Fax: 603-80239743  or

Email : sales@gentle.com.my   /  myfontal@gmail.com

Whatsapp: http://www.wasap.my/6012-2738827

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