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Vacuum Release Valve SJ3A6

   2017-06-24 270
Note:Please contact :-Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn BhdTel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743Fax:+603-80239743Email enquary :-sales@gentl

Please contact :-
Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd 
Tel: +603-8023 7743 / 8743
Email enquary :-
sales@gentle.com.my / go2mgp@gmail.com
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■Takes uo minimal space with a body width of 7.5mm (SJ2000)or 10mm (SJ3000).

■Power consumption

0.15 W (SJ3000 with power saving circuit) 
0.23 W (SJ2000 with power saving circuit)

■Service life of 50 million cycles or more

(based on SMC life test conditions)

■Manifold Variations

Plug-in connector type (Card edge type)

Series SJ2000 and SJ3000 can be mounted together. 
・Can easily increase or decrease stations and replace valves.
・34 pins connector allows up to 16 stations with double solenoids, 32 stations with single solenoids.

Plug-in cable type

Non plug-in individual wiring compliant, too

■Option Variations

SUP/EXH block assembly with regulator and pressure switch

This pressure regulator is intended to adjust the SUP pressure of the manifold. 
Additionally, pressure switch and pressure gauge can be mounted.

Regulator block

This is a regulator block with the same width (10 mm) as the SJ3000. 
Pressure supplied from the D side is used to reduce pressure in the manifold. 
The U side valves are all depressurized from the regulator block.

Valve with speed controller

As a speed controller is built-into this valve, the cylinder speed can be adjusted on the valve side. 
Two types, meter-in and meter-out, are set.

Intermediate connector block assembly

This connector block can be used by inserting it into the middle of the manifold. 
This can be used, for example, when you wish to separate electrical control of valves in the same manifold, or when the number of control points is insufficient. 
The assembly is also compatible with PC wiring with the power supply terminal. 
(Please contact SMC.)

■Type of manual override is added

■Vacuum Release Valve with Restrictor Series SJ3A6

Two spool valves are built-in. 
Vacuum suction and release can be controlled with a single valve.

  • Power consumption 0.15 W (with power saving circuit)

  • Width: 10 mm (same size as Series SJ3000)

  • Equipped with restrictor to enable flow rate adjustment of release air.

  • Replaceable filters are built-in on the vacuum and release sides.

  • Equipped with a pressure detection port enabling connection of a pressure switch, etc.

  • Can be combined with 4 port solenoid valve, Series SJ2000/3000 (Made to Order). 
    (Consult SMC for details.)

  • Enables 2-system pressure switching where the 1(P) port and 3/5(E) are set to different positive pressures. 
    (In this case, flow can be adjusted on the P-port side only.)


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