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MHL2 Series

   2017-02-23 220
Note:MHL2 Series - Wide Type Parallel Style Air Gripper

MHL2 Series - Wide Type Parallel Style Air Gripper

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Wide Type Parallel Style Air Gripper - Updated

  • Lightweight Weight Max. 10% reduction: 585 g → 525 g.
  • Weight reduced by the change of the body shape and internal construction
  • Built-in dust protection mechanism (Standard)
  • Dust resistant option now available. (Made to Order: -X85, -X86m)
  • Long stroke One unit can handle workpieces with various diameters.
  • A large amount of gripping force is provided through the use of a double piston mechanism, while maintaining a compact design.
  • Small auto switches can be directly mounted.

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