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China Crystal Plaque

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Because the crystal itself factors (crystal properties, chemical composition, particle size, particle size distribution and crystal geometry) and external factors (humidity, temperature, pressure and impurities, etc.), the influence of the crystal surface dissolved and recrystallization occur, thus in grain formed on the contact point between crystal bridge, make the grain bonding together, gradually formed a huge mass.
There are many factors influencing agglomeration, including water content of crystal, particle size of crystal, particle strength of crystal, hygroscopicity of crystal, storage temperature and storage pressure.
The solubility of most substances increases with the increase of temperature. When the temperature decreases, the solubility also decreases. Recrystallization occurs on the surface of the grains, and a bridge is formed between the grains to form clumps. Therefore, in any case, the reduction of water content can reduce the crystal agglomeration. Therefore, water content should be reduced as much as possible in the production process. In the process of storage and transportation, moisture-proof packaging should be adopted to control the temperature and humidity, all these measures will help prevent agglomeration.
The hygroscopic properties of crystal are related to its properties. If the crystal has a strong hygroscopicity (it can absorb water molecules), it will be easy to dissolve the surface of the grain. At this time, it will be easy to recrystallize the grain once the external conditions change, so that the crystal can be condensed together to form clumps.
In the process of storage, if there is a temperature change, in the presence of water, it will cause the reoccurrence of a dissolved crystal, which will cause the formation of the bridge into a lump. Therefore, in the storage process, the temperature should be minimized, the storage environment should not be too dark, and maintain good ventilation.
The packing temperature has a particularly significant effect on the agglomeration. If the packaging temperature is too high, the partial recrystallization of the dissolved crystal after cooling will form a salt bridge, which will lead to agglomeration. Therefore, it is better to fully cool the crystal before packaging to keep the product temperature as close as possible to the ambient temperature.China Crystal Plaque

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