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Runma Injection Molding Robot

  • 发布日期:2020-04-16 23:54
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  • Invest区域:AsiaChina
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Runma Corp. is a large business entity with plastic injection molding robot as our main line of business.Runma Corp.spreads our robot products including robot arm,linear robot,cartesian robot,CNC robots, die-casting robots,in mold labeling machine,disposable cutlery packaging system,3 sxis robot, 5 axis robot,sssembly line belt conveyor to over 15 countries in the globe.

Over the past 19 years since its foundation in 2000,Runma Corp.accumulated much technology experience in robot automation industry,operated by team of skillful engineers who are the members of worldwide robot association.Running several robot operations involving a number of plastic injection robot sectors,Runma Corp.has been included,for many years running,among the top 100 plastic injection robot enterprises in China.

With robots as the mainstay of our business activities,Runma Corp.has recorded rapid growth.Business relations have been developed with nearly one thousand domestic enterprices and with overseas businesses spreading over 15 countries and regions.To be our business partner,contact us,we will offer you satisfying business service.

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