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Gentle Automatic Solution Sdn Bhd 
provide a safety precaution from the hydraulic burst in high pressure as 300 bar.

Please call us to get more information on this matter
..... Tel: 603-80237743/8743 Fax: 603-80239743

 or email : sales@gentle.com.my  or go2mgp@gmail.com

Easy-to-install, textile Gentle-Sleeve cover is produced from polypropylene which is very hard-wearing and recyclable. In general, polypropylene endures acids and alkalis well.

Sleeve protects people near-by a breaking hose which you can see from these videos where the hose is damaged and the fluid bursts out (Pin Hole):

As a guide line we suggest that the Sleeve is a few millimetres larger than the hose. Please see our recommendations.

Sleeve meets the requirements of EN 12999 and EN ISO 3457 standards. It has excellent pressure resistance.

The recommended temperature range is -40°C to +80°C. SLEEVE is UV-protected and has a very low conductivity of electricity. Abrasion resistance of SLEEVE is excellent: when tested (standard SFS-EN ISO 12947-3) the mass loss of a competing sleeve was 10 times bigger than Sleeve's. Therefore, Safe-Sleeve is also a great hose protector.

Colour : Black


Gentle Flex-Spiral

Gentle spirals are produced from High-Density Polyethylene by extrusion. All spirals have rounded edges and a durable construction. Spirals protect hydraulic and pneumatic hoses without damaging them. HDPE is recyclable material and therefore less harmful to environment.


Gentle Sleeve
Gentle-Sleeve MSHA

Textile hose protectors, normal Sleeve and Sleeve MSHA, protect not only the hose but also people when a hose breaks. Both types of sleeve are very hard-wearing and recyclable and meet the requirements of standards EN 12999 and EN ISO 3457.



Gentle-Wrap is produced from 100% Polyamide 6.6 with a PU coating. Velcro® -brand fasteners make it very easy to install on hose lines afterwards and repeatedly. This is a tailor-made product only.

Binding Spirals Safe-Strip

Binding spirals

These two articles are designed to bind hoses together. Binding spirals are cut from plastic pipe and are excellent for electrical cables and hoses. Textile Strip bundles hose lines again and again. It is available with or without a mounting hole or with a quick-release buckle.

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