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  • Brand Name:TWINKOOL
  • Company:TWINKOOL TINTED SPECIALIST - Residential & Commercial Tinted
  • Websitehttp://WWW.WINKOOL.US
  • Area:MalaysiaSelangorBatu Caves
Brand Introduction


Company Overview
Twin Kool aspires to excellence by dedicating itself to providing quality affordable window film installation that caters to the needs of its commercial, residential and automotive customers. Our Heat Resistance Film Technology is capable of providing energy control and protection from harmful UV rays to their customers.

In order to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction, Twin Kool strives to be reliable and friendly, while maintaining a professional atmosphere. In addition, we proudly supply our customers with the newest window film products available such as solar protection window film, and our certified installers are prepared to answer all your questions to ensure your satisfaction.

The pages of this website will hopefully provide you with the information you need regarding commercial and residentia ltinted glass film. Your service starts with a free assessment that not only gives the installer a chance to evaluate your needs and make suggestions, but also allows you to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. The technician will help you to choose the film from our samples. An accurate estimate will be made available to you at that time, including the approximate amount of time needed to complete the installation.

On the day the film is to be installed, Twin Kool installers will arrive promptly and install the film with minimal interference to your daily schedule. Cleanliness is a big issue at Twin Kool so you are guaranteed a clean and professional job. Installers use dro cloths and protective equipment to ensure the surrounding area is properly protected
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