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solar pest repeller

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Garden Solar Pest Repeller A kind of solar energy device making use of ultrasonic to expel moles. To expel rodents(applicable to such animals as moles and shrews),operated on solar energy Thank you for your purchasing Garden Solar Pest Repeller.Transmitting ultrasonic via vibration,Garden solar pest repeller is used to affect the acute hearing of underground rodents,with very effective preventive effect.The ultrasonic will deceive them,making them feel endangered,so so to force them away from the vibrating area.Transmitting ultrasonic every 30 seconds,Garden Solar Pest Repeller has an effective range of 650 square meters. Garden Solar Pest Repeller Radiates in all directions.During Radiation,there shall be no any obstruction to tamper with the ultrasonic .To achieve the best performance,we strongly recommend that 2 devices be installed every 30 meter for those areas frequented by rodents. Garden Solar Pest Repeller works on a solar cell,while the other rechargeable cell is charged for nocturnal use.When a cell is fully charged .It can supply power when lights to drive Garden Solar Pest repeller,So as to ensure continuous 48-hour operation. Parameters: Dimension: 43cm x 15.5cm x15.5cm Weight: 360g Power supply: solar energy cell,or long-effective Ni-Cad cell recharged by solar energy Frequency: 400Hz-1000Hz
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