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ENERPUR FRP935 Water Media Outdoor Filter

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ENERPUR FRP935 Water Media Outdoor filter

Size of Vessel: 9″ x 35″
Valve Capacity: 3/4″
Type of Filtration Media: Zeolite, Anthracite, Carbon, Silica, Fine Silica, Gravel
Flow Rate (Liters/Hr): 200-900
Material: Fibreglass Reinforced
Max. Pressure: 7 Bar
Backwashing Valve: Manual
Standard: ABS Multiport Valve Handle, Steering or Stainless Steel Covered
Color: Grey
Ideal for: Laundry, Bathing, Cooking, Cleansing

Recommended Weekly Maintenance Step Just Turn the MPV To :

1. Backwash - 5 to 10 mins (or wait till the dirty water turn clear )

2. Rinse - 1-3 mins (or wait till the dirty water turn clear )

3. Filter - Normal filtration mode.

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